Dear Parents/Caregivers of Year 6 Students

Avondale Intermediate 2023 School Enrolments

Next year your child will attend intermediate and our enrolment pack holds a lot of information that is important and relevant to the process of enrolling.  It also highlights what we have to offer your child here at our school.  I encourage you to go through the pack and get your child’s enrolment underway as soon as possible. On the right of the screen you will find documents from our enrolment pack:

Forms to complete and return:

  • Enrolment Form (A3)
  • Digital Citizenship Student User Agreement
  • Additional Information

 Information insert:

  • Uniform Expectations
  • Stationery
  • Consent for Published Student Content/Images Online
  • School Stream App

This year you may choose to enrol online.  Click on the Online Enrolment button and complete all the relevant fields.  Using this process assists with accurate information being entered into our system.  To complete this process documents will need to be uploaded with your online application.

We welcome visits to our school at any time, so please feel free to do so.  You are welcome to meet with myself or any other members of our senior leadership team.  So, contact our school office (828 7883) or email me ( to make an appointment.

The details of all enrolment documentation are included on the back of the enrolment form.  Please drop off or post enrolments to Avondale Intermediate School (12 Holly Street, Avondale) as soon as possible. We would like to have 2023 enrolments processed by the end of term 3 2022.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in assisting us with our 2023 enrolment process.  The more organised we all are the more effective our 2023 organisation for our students will be!  You will receive a letter of confirmation of your child’s enrolment once their application has been processed.

Yours sincerely

Jo Hardwidge


2023 enrolments are now being taken

Avondale Intermediate School is unique, reflecting Auckland's diversity.

Our learning studio are Year 7 and 8 composite homerooms.  Students have the opportunity to interact with a number of teachers across their day as they move with their homeroom to various learning areas.