Shakespear is New Zealand’s most visited and accessible open sanctuary integrating conservation, recreation and farming. Pest free habitat provides a safe home for threatened native wildlife.

To help keep Shakespear free of pests, please check your vehicle and belongings for stowaway pests before you visit. Dogs are prohibited in the open sanctuary at all times

Te Haruhi Bay is one of the larger beaches on the Peninsula and has stunning views from both the water's edge and all of the many walking tracks within easy reach.

The Bay is located in one of Auckland's leading wildlife sanctuaries and Regional Parks, Shakespear Park. In 2012 the Park underwent a major pest eradication program and an extensive protection fence was installed to keep it that way. Now pest free many new and some endangered species have been introduced to the park include the New Zealand famous Kiwi Bird.

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While at camp students will utilise all facilities in Te Haruhi Bay and are also connecting with the the team from the sanctury.

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