The Avondale Intermediate School Board is committed to ensuring the highest quality middle school education for the children of this area.

Members of the public are welcome to attend any Board meetings, but may not speak without prior permission from the Presiding Member. All meetings are held in the ‘Meeting Room’ in the Administration Area of the school. 

If you would like to address the Board you must first speak to one of the Presiding Members.

The Avondale Intermediate School Board is comprised of seven members:

  • 2 Presiding Members
  • 3 other Parent elected members
  • 1 Staff elected member
  • Principal
  • Board Secretary (who attends all meetings but is not a Board member)            

The Board may also co-opt members to ensure that they have the necessary range of skills

The Board may also employ consultants and advisors for particular purposes.

The Avondale Intermediate School Board members are:

  • Katherine Ashmead  (Co -Presiding Member)
  • Anthony Gibbs (Co -Presiding Member)
  • Katalina Inia 
  • Olivia Kelly
  • Jenni Tupu
  • Matt Comer Staff elected member
  • Jo Hardwidge Principal​​​​​​​
  • Tayla Luilui-Afoa Minute Secretary

The Board meets monthly.  If you would like to attend the next meeting please contact our Co-Presiding Members.

To contact our Co-Presiding Members email 

The Board is responsible for establishing and maintaining the legislative governance of the school in accordance to national and local body requirements.

The Board is required to establish and maintain appropriate Policies to ensure that legislative requirements are met.

The Board is required to regularly review their Policies (and ensure that Procedures supporting the Policies and established and maintained by the Principal) to ensure that they continue to meet both the legislative requirements and reflect the needs and desires of the school community.

The Board is required to develop and maintain a school Charter and Strategic Plan in consultation with the school community.

The Board is required to ensure that these are annually reviewed.

The Board must set Strategic and Annual Targets and ensure that a Statement of Variance, against those Targets, is provided to the Ministry before the 1 March each year. The Board works with the Principal to ensure that these things are done. 

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