Students returning in Year 8 do not need to purchase new stationery.  They only need to top up stationery.  All new students will need to purchase the items listed below.

Subject Stationery 

The following stationery will stay with the teacher who takes your learning studio for the subject.  Please make sure that your stationery is clearly named and labelled.

Global Discoveries  1x 1B8 Exercise Book, Clever Kiwi Activity Book (lined)

Performing Arts 1B8 Exercise Book

Mathematics 2 1E8 Quad Books

Visual Arts A4 Visual Diary

PE 1B8 Exercise Book

Hub Learning 2x Clever Kiwi Activity Book (lined)


These items are handed into your homeroom teacher for use in your homeroom.

2x 14B8 Refill Pad 

2x 1B8 Exercise Book

1 Large glue stick

A4  Ream of photocopy paper

In your school bag

These items are carried between studio. You are responsible for having these learning tools ready for every lesson.

1 30cm Ruler

5 Pencils

5 Blue Pens

3 Red Pens

1 Pencil Sharpener 

1 Pencil Case

1 Coloured Pencils

1 Large Glue Stick 

1 Yellow Highlighter


Water Bottle

Drawstring Sports Bag - PE Gear/Swimming Gear

Headset for use with Chromebook